Sunday, May 1, 2011

items waiting

All the 4 exclusive items for Gaia's Gifts ( are photoed/described/priced/sent and awaiting listing. I'm excited to see how they will do in her shop (I hope well of course) and I am so inspired to make a few more exclusives for her. I need to get my own shops sorted and new listings too, lol. I am not sure if I shouldn't have pointed it to my Wednesday Witch as opposes to selling it from MsNovemberTuesday....perhaps I should say f*ck it to the whole concepts and just begin using my own name. Perhaps I should be putting this much attention to my creating instead of tiddling about on this minor part. I need to make some $$$ as I really want to go to do an investigation with Steve & Tango in Buffalo. I need to get my spot like yesterday so.....! Strange motivation to really kick things into high gear but hey, what ever works.

au revoir