Friday, March 9, 2012

So hello! Somewhere in the midst of limping along on my knee that is peeved off at me (from the Nov/09 fall), healing a burn & a cut on my hand and fighting off this wretched cold I've been creating. I have the start of what will be a limited release. They are 3 funky cool items I am almost ready to share with you. I am so totally inspired by this! I also have found a source for sterling silver kidney earwires I am happy with & it means new pretties will be available soon as well. I am still going to be working in OOAK as repeating things over and over is not a favourite activity of mine. There will be updates to shops and a few minor changes. In that vein I was wondering if out of Etsy and Zibbet if you have a favourite or one that you buy/visit exclusively (and if so why if you don't mind sharing). I'm off  for tonight.
au revoir