Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ok maybe, just maybe I took the truth from my last post and ran a wee bit too far with it.
Ok, maybe not though. See I'm so tired from all the posturing and bullshitting I've been dealing with that I just really want to be authentic and be around authentic. Part of that is following feelings. So dear friends I have been sketching and doodling and writing. I have also organized for the next creation.
However I need to leave you now to go be part of the 'real' world and create some dinner. LOL's

As always
peace, blessings & furry kisses.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

wanted to share

Link to a short article about Ms Margaret Moth. Someone who has reminded me that life is short but you need to do what you love and go for it to really truly say you've lived.

as always...
peace, blessings & furry kisses

Saturday, March 20, 2010

it's listed.....

After much debate about where I would list it because of views, sales or picture spots to show it off..... the first OOAK in the 'springtime' series (no1 in fact) is to be found in my etsy shop.

Let me know what you think. Here's a pix or 2 beyond what's there. Enjoy!

And as usual....
peace, blessings & furry kisses!

Friday, March 19, 2010

thinking, thinking

I am ready to list the necklace but I am unsure of which shop it will go in. I had great hopes for my artfire shop but there have been no sales even with the fan page promotion and it's many fun ways to be found. My esty shop doesn't seem to get the traffic the artfire shop does but it's the one that makes the sales. I have to take care of this just because I don't mind having the 2 shops but I would hate to waste my time listing when it's not going to get enough opportunity to be seen and then bought. I am of 2 minds about this one folks! Geeeee, what else is new I hear you chiming in from the corner. lololol's, and yet not so lololol's. I'm so anxious to get things moving in the right direction I'm stalled at the crossroads in the attempt to make the 'right' decision!

Either way I guess within the next couple of days expect to see something new going on in one or most likely both of the MsNovemberTuesdsay shops. But for now.... here's a peeeeeek...
As always..
peace, blessings & furry kisses

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So hello!
I know I haven't been stopping by to chat recently. Sorry. I also haven't been doing any work. Sorry again. I had planned to attempt something even a very little thing somewhere around Wednesday but....
I have begun rereading Women Who Run With The Wolves. I find it interesting that there are parts that grab my attention that didn't the last time or the time before that. I am still stiff in my neck area and my lower back gets saucy with me but I think I'm going to start the necklace today. It's a big job simply because it's OOAK, it will tell me just how it needs to lay and such so I will begin and fill you in soon on either the finished work or how it's going.
So I will be off and begin that conversation as the weather here is beyond raining cats and's storming moose and bears! lololol's
peace, blessings and furry kisses

Monday, March 8, 2010

here is the car

Like the title is the car. I went today to see if my brushes were in there somewhere but, nope. They must have flown out at some point. I didn't really think it was actually this bad but apparently, I was wrong. It doesn't look like much until you look and see the crumpling. You can't see the 3 large soda pop from Taco Bell that I was holding that flew into the dash and well, the electrical or the 2 front seats that are bent. I am still sore and my previous back injury is beginning to cramp up (for lack of a better description) so we'll see what happens as far as mobility.

What's been cheesing me off are the people who say they're my friends who even with facebook, twitter and status messages on my IM/msn that haven't even bothered to say "gee, glad you're ok". There are 3 people who I'm blown away by the fact they either didn't care or didn't notice (which I think is almost impossible but hey, ok maybe). I know people are busy but.... in all of those options....nothing?! Or even better the one who I said specifically to that go to my blog as I don't really felt up to talking about it and then they still asked "what accident when what are you talking about". I wanted to say "fuck please go buy a clue" but, I didn't. Like if you cared why no wondering where have you been, why aren't you online, it's not like they don't have my phone number or can't see my status message on my IM. Whatever!
Ok so, I'm well enough to bitch and moan so I guess that is a good thing. Tomorrow or Wednesday I am setting a goal to begin at least some work even if it isn't a long time or a lot of it, just something to begin getting in the groove again.
As always....
peace, blessings and furry kisses

Friday, March 5, 2010

whats new...

So, what is left of the car went to the collision place this afternoon. The mechanic was amazed anybody survived never mind no major injuries. He said in his opinion it is a write off and it is in the 'oh hell no that can't be resurrected lot' but we will have to wait for the official word from the insurance company. G (my sons day and owner and driver) said when he saw it today he couldn't really believe it and the amount of damage. He didn't take any pix. To be honest I doubt he had the presence of mind to focus once he saw it. I didn't want to see it neither did our son.
However..... I am both amazed and delighted to tell you everything but 1 bag of chips that was in the trunk was recovered! The mechanic thinks the 37kg of kitty litter in the center rear of the trunk might have been for our son, who was in the backseat, a saviour since it took one hell of an impact but according to the mechanic it was like the truck hitting concrete and kept the trunk from completely coming in on him! Also on a happy note (though he dislikes them) his dad has a rental car paid for by insurance until the end of the month or whenever it gets settled though it is a PT Cruiser.
I am exhausted and need to go eat and spend a wee bit more time just looking at my kid so I'm going to leave now for a bit.
Play nice with each other!
peace, blessings and furry kisses

accidentally yours....

Ok so I will try to fill you in as best I remember. For those of you who weren't on my fan page / facebook friend / twitter .... we were in a car accident around 5 pm yesterday.
We (my son and I and sons dad who was driving as I don't drive) picked our son up at school to go to Walmart on Rymal near Centennial so we could get some stuff in. Nothing exciting just stuff like toilet paper, cleaning stuff cat litter and food and a really cool crinkle tunnel for him, and I snuck in 2 really pretty nail polishes and a super kabuki brush among the $212 worth of stuff that went into the trunk. We stopped at the Game Spot near by and son got a game while I got the birds cuttle bones at the pet store since Wally World didn't have any. We decided we're all hungry and after some debate decided on Taco Bell up by Rymal and Upper James. Did the drive through and his cup holders were full so I held the tray of drinks and we were off back here headed down Upper James to swing East home on Mohawk. Well, we never made it. Just past Harveys on Upper James just North of Stone Church we were I think the third car behind a bus. A bus that had stopped and was (thankfully) just starting to go again so that we didn't end up a complete accordion or take out the car in front of us. We were slowed, almost stopped because of this when I heard his dad say 'he's not going to stop'. I thought WTF and before I could process the thought we were flying, the back windshield blew in and we were basically fucked. A guy driving a GMC pick up truck slammed into us from behind. (His dad told me later when we got here he saw him in the rear view mirror when he was about 3 cars back in the left lane and he switched lanes cause ours had been moving faster before the bus stopped but this guy never slowed down.) I really had no idea what was going on. My glasses flew, my son found them later on the drivers side not that they were much use to me coated in the pop I'd been holding never mind all the other stuff. I ended up cursing at the guy from my seat, calling 911 and both my son and I (all of us wearing seat belts) ended up restrained on backboards and going to separate hospitals. I was freaked about how injured was my son, though I knew my sons dad was with him. I was pissed at the money wasted. And I was pissed I hadn't had Taco Bell in sooooooo long and was this close to being home eating it and painting my nails one of those new colours! My son got released before I did. I had MANY xrays and got sprung around 9. Long story short we are all sore, nothing is broken but the car is fucked. Dealing with finding just where the car went and what we need to do now and all the insurance stuff.
I'm going to be slow or stopped at working on new pieces while I heal up a bit. Thanks for your patience.
As always, peace, blessings and furry kisses.
And please remember to be grateful for every second, life really is too short!

p.s. neck braces are not fun and I can prove it.....
Not my best picture I know but at least I'm not going to show you the heart monitor stickers on my hairy legs or the other places they were.

p.p.s I forgot to say THANKS to the fire, police, ambulance, er staff and 911 for their help.