Friday, August 19, 2011


What a week it's been!
I was almost finished a few creations and somehow I turned the heat to 365 not the 265 so that batch is no more. Ug!! I will have to remake remix redo as close as possible to the idea. I managed to get an deviantART link up both here and on my fanpage though, still no luck on finding a zibbet. My artfire accounts are no more, well they are still existing as a buyers account but any selling I do will be on Zibbet, Etsy or deviantArt from here on.
In unrelated news I am in my last week of training with PMS clan. If you don't know, they are an all female gaming community (though they now do have a male/co-ed clan in H2O). I chose my big sis yesterday!! Think of this as a sorority idea created to support and mentor. What a great group of people I've met so far!
Well, I need to upload some new stuff and get cracking on carefully baking some more creations. I'll be back to check in soon. And as always drop in and like my fan page to keep up to date on things.
au revoir