Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Just wanted to catch you up on all the news. Since I was last here the IGGPPC Birthday Giveaway has ended and the winner chosen. I hope Ashley in NYC enjoys her chosen minty blue Not So Sweet Heart! This leaves the yellow one up for grabs so instead of putting it back into the shop, I've decided I'll do a giveaway. I'm still in the set up process but I'm thinking it'll envolve my Bon Bon Betties Facebook page and Instagram. I'll be posting about it here with all the info shortly.
I've been busy working on some new pieces for Betwixt Baubles that'll be going in the Etsy shop likely tomorrow. I've also been crazy busy with my Klutzy Gamer launch. In all this I'm working on better time management so I'm able to create and produce much more efficiently. Though an assistant would be lovely to help with postings and updates LOL.
For now I'm off to get ready to stream some Smite on Xbox One. ( I'm so beyond lucky to have been chosen for the beta run.) 
au revoir