Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Days

Well happy St. Paddy's Day anyways ;) 

I've been thinking as I proof the photos about the best solution to my diverse collection of creations. I'm thinking splitting them up into different categories in different shops is likely the best plan. On the plus side it will give me something in basically every online shop though some will be stocked will be more than others just based on amount of existing product. On the negative it will take away the chance that someone finds an item they weren't looking for and won't me find because they don't want to be jumping from shop to shop. I think that the opportunity to have diverse stock in each shop and get the opportunity I'd been missing because it all was jumbled into one outweighs it and also gives me an opportunity to see what y'all like in product and shop. Guess we'll see! So keep your eyes open in my various shops  for changes, updates, products on the move and a new item or two sneaking in the mix.

I hope the wee folk and fairies find you and bless your St. Paddy's Day! 

au revoir