Thursday, January 1, 2015


It's that time of year, resolutions galore. I'm basing mine only in the way I'd say ok next week I've got to get X done, but for fun I thought I'd share em so I can check back & see how many I keep up with. 

So easy one (I hope) is as a gamer (gmeraine on twitch and YouTube) I plan on streaming for you once a week. 

As the creator/maker of Betwixt Baubles & Bon Bon Betties ( & ) I plan on a steady stream of new creations and using IG more often and blogging on a much more often and regular routine, say once a week. Of settling into a routine (of some sort) again to make this happen. Of not being so insecure of sharing my creations with you all. And of keeping my work area workable :D 

I hope today is the beginning of wonderful things for us all. 

au revoir