Friday, July 29, 2011

artfire update

So, effective today there is no stock in either of my artfire shops. I will not be restocking and they will both be gone August 15th.
Please visit my zibbet and etsy shops for my adornments and enchantments. Please visit my deviantart for my photography.
Links are to the right in my I'm on the web section or through site specific links found above.
Thanks for dropping in!

Friday, July 22, 2011

touching base

So hello! Yes, it's been quiet here but not on the fan page, lol. I have been neglect in posting updates here....sorry. I do still love it here but as I was sucked into playing games with friends on facebook I am often there and it's just a hop over to the fan page and well....!
So here's the scoop gang... effective Aug 17th (I think) Artfire is shutting down all it's free accounts. Now this doesn't affect my MsNovemberTuesday shop but it will shut down my WednesdayWitch shop. I have decided that because of lack of sales (though I've had a bunch of features from other sellers) I am going to be shutting down both Artfire shops on Sunday July 31st. I am keeping my etsy, zibbet and deviantart shops. My deviant art will be the place to look for any photography work that I am showing (and there is a lot with much more to come). My zibbet will become my main adornment shop with etsy as an extra shopfront. I wanted to let you know in advance (and you are the first to know on this one) so if you dropped in on artfire and saw few or no things that you would know what's going on and where to find me. As always of course there is my fan page where you can like and keep in touch. I will be doing a special giveaway there just around fall time so be sure to like and keep your eyes open.
I as of yet do not have a google+ page. I passed up the offer when it first happened and I guess I am being punished for it now as I can't even get in by invite, lol. When I am able yes I probably will but I will let you know.
As I mentioned there are more new pix up for grabs on my deviantart page . There are new shots that should be up within the next few days as I still have to grab 'em off the memory card. As always I will keep you updated.
For now I am going to update my links to include my deviantart and then off to link the fan page to this posting, so I will chat with you again soon.
au revoir