Thursday, November 26, 2009

popping in

Just wanted to stop in to say hello even though my wrist really doesn't want to.
My ornaments went out on Friday. Only 10 though I hope they will be enjoyed!
I am still in limbo as I am healing. Knee is doing better while the wrist seem a wee bit more complicated that I originally thought. I had my MRI on Saturday and will find out about my back in a week or so. I had wanted to ask them hey will you take a peek at my wrist while I'm all ready in here but ... nah, lol.
I am in the beginnings or maybe even midst of a change I think. Not sure just what is going to come out of it but hang on folks, I think we're in for a bumpy ride. Too much time thinking instead of doing work does this to me ;-)
Keep well all!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Popped in to say hello. So, 'hi"!!
I am almost done the 10 for the Clayamies ornament swap (they are baked and signed just need hangers). I am however feeling like I want to do another 10 and swap 1 for 1 with everybody. This is an issue as I want to get the parcel in the mail tomorrow and I would have to do something different than I've got done now. I'm also a little worried if some of the other ornaments are quite large and all might not fit into my box for return. I guess we'll see what the night

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

creations and catastrophies!

I am almost done my ornaments for this years Clayamies swap. They were a "hey that seems like a great idea" thing that I'd never done and though they didn't turn out like I thought I think they're pretty cute. Can't share a pix yet as they're top secret until all parcels have been exchanged.
On the other side of things.... I have my latest (and hopefully last) addition to my proof of being a total klutz. Last week while walking my son to school I tripped and busted up my left wrist and right knee really quite horridly bad. Should have done a trip to the ER but nothing seemed too bad until a few days later and by then I thought "hey things are all ready healing and seeing that I made it through a badly busted ankle a few years ago without the ER, let's give it a go with this experience". So here I sit waiting for my MRI appointment (for a totally unrelated back thing) on Saturday and I'm almost betting if they get a glimpse of any of my above mentioned parts I might be getting a wee longer visit with them then I'd planned.
So folks, back to the ice packs. See you soon!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

new stuff

new at are sets of scented faux gingerbread boys and girls. They are adorable if I do say so myself and were worth the agony of trying to get the right colour, the right texture (since the clay kept cracking and flaking) and then deciding on the decoration! I'll have a non clay related item going up in the same shop within a day or so of my OOAK bride doll.
Otherwise I have been spending today (my birthday and one of my dogs as well) just puttering and creating in my mind taking a few photos here and there. It's quite cool here, we've had rain mixed with snow and hail, and very windy as well. Prince Charles and Dutchess Camillia (sorry if I've flubbed the spelling) made a visit to one of my favorite places in the city today (Dundurn Castle) and to a docked warship as well. Exciting to have royalty visit on your birthday!
I'm leaving you now to go and grab another piece of my brownie and carmel topped birthday cheesecake.
Stay safe and play nice with each other.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Nothing new listed in the msnovembertuesday shops on either etsy or artfire however...... I have opened a shop for works more goddess / witch focused. You can find it at http://wednesdaywitch .
Hope everyone is well and if you are living near me, able to keep up with the changing weather!
I'll be back to check in with you shortly but for now it's off to do a bit more work.