Monday, December 1, 2014

addy change and more

So as you might have noticed our web addy has changed from to our current . Sorry for any confusion in my spur of the moment decision! I've got a new brand and I want to be able to use this as the company blog for both. It's way more work in changing links than I'd like to do but I think in the end it's going to work out the best. So please update your bookmarks and I promise to give you more notice if I should ever decide to swap around things on you again.

So, this new brand is Bon Bon Betties and it has a web home though it is a work in progress right now, but the links are working. It has a Facebook page (which needs 25 likes so I can get rid of the numbers and name it properly).  It has a Google+ page,  a Twitter and an Instagram (or @BonBonBetties). There are 3 web shops set up (Etsy,Storenvy & Zibbet) but currently only the Etsy is stocked and I suspect unless I just copy listing across all of 'em, that'll be the way it stays for now. 

I will update links here and well everywhere, it's just going to take me some time as it's me and only me doing it all. And no changes to Betwixt Baubles, all shops and fan pages are staying as is. I am in the process of moving all the stock from Betwixt Baubles Storenvy to Bon Bon Betties Etsy but that is the only change, the store will stay but empty for now. Betwixt Baubles is your witchy OOAK gothic shop and Bon Bon Betties is what happens if faux food, Bettie Page, cartoons & tattoos had a quirky kid. I hope you'll all enjoy the new brand and all it has to offer, I promise I'm working hard on getting it all set up and running. I'm now crowning myself the official low end Kimora Lee with all my web spots and 2 brands to design and create for LOL. Love you miss Kimora but I might have been too inspired!!

So with that, I'm going to go try to remember where I left off and get back to setting it all up for ya.

au revoir