Friday, January 28, 2011

another feature

Yet another of my creations is featured in an collection.
This is my 6th separate feature! It's always amazing to be picked by another artist.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Things are going well so far in the custom order. It is almost official I just need to tweek a bit on the pattern and I think it'll be official within a few days. they are happy with what they've seen but I want to adjust the design to be exactly what they want before we sign off on it.
I still have my etsy in limbo. I keep hoping that my artfire will start taking off because I find it's services and pricing much nicer. So far though it's etsy that gets sales and artfire that gets features.
I have a few new items in the planning stage. Actually I'm a little confused as to which way I want to take them so there may be a collection. We'll see once I get this custom order sorted and can spare more brain cells for it, lol.
Ok, I need more coffee before I can function any more today so, I'm taking off.
as always...
peace, blessings and furry kisses

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

guess who?

Darn it...yep, it's just me.
So my etsy shop is down right now. I had been working on new workroom space/setup in hopes of making my creations a wee bit easier but that has hit a speed bump. I am currently waiting to hear back on a custom design that I've been working on. So far it's just at the here's what I want and I've just finished the sample and submitted pricing. I am so hoping it will come through! I'll keep you posted and if you're curious there's a few pix in my picasa somewhere of it.
Beyond that, I am at the design phase for a new OOAK item. It's just starting where I'm going to get my hands dirty so I'll share that ASAP though I will tell you it's something for your neck, lol.
In sad news last Monday my dear furry girl Sam was walking out from the kitchen and all of a sudden her back legs just stopped working. She didn't get better. Tuesday morning I took her to the vets and after some tests they found she had a tumor that had pressed against her spine and it wasn't going to get better so I had to make the hardest decision ever to have her put down. It has been a week today and I am lost without her. She was at my side for almost every moment over this last 5 years and she is missed beyond words. She was just over 5 years old and just too young for something like this! I am glad to know she didn't suffer long though I'd never have believed I'd be without her so soon.
Ok I need to try and sleep.
Go hug your furries and give them kisses for me.
As always....
peace, blessings and furry kisses