Thursday, October 27, 2011

madara uchiha mask .... done

Posted to my google+ but I'll share here too. The lines are a wee bit off (I'll say it before you diehard Naruto fans start nagging me, LOL) but not too bad for a first go at paper mache!

So now back to production and I have some fab ideas and a few have been started! The first few are going to be for my Wednesday Witch shop and I'll share a peek likely on the fan page so be sure to drop in and like to keep up to date.

au revoir

Thursday, October 20, 2011

up to my elbows...

Hiya all! Taking a wee coffee break while my first layer of mask dries and thought I'd pop on and say hi. I am coated in paste and newspaper ink but it's been great fun sofar. I have to say the skeleton I built for it could have been stronger (good to know for the next one) and I could have waited just a smidge longer to begin as the paste I used was too runny (though it thickened nicely) and I was terrified it was not going to hold it's form for the first bit. However it seems to be doing well, yay! Here's a peek...
Long wasy to go yes as there is so much detail that will need to be added but hey, it's a start! It's supposed to end up being a Madara Uchiha mask like this....
Well, that's it for me for now. As always drop into my fan page and give it a like to be sure to get the newest info and links to all my online spaces. au revoir xo I