Monday, March 28, 2011

what's up?

So hiya! It has been a busy weekend for me and I am avoiding work for today and well, thought I'd drop in to say hello to everyone. My custom button order is done and now with it's owner in prep for being added to their knitted sweater. I am so excited to see the final results! I am taking a breather to enjoy and decide on my next move. I have an idea of which shops are getting new pieces and when but I'll confirm it for you as things go up. Spring is just not wanting to say hello here and we have had yet another day of minus degree Celsius weather and snow still on the ground! It is good for the water table I know so I won't complain. And it is pretty to look at as long as I don't have to shovel it, lol. Ok my kettle is done and I am off for a cuppa....well something, not sure yet if English breakfast tea or ginger latte. Love you much. Play nice with each other. au revoir I xoxoxo

Friday, March 11, 2011


Cannot find the words to express my thoughts and sadness at the chaos going on. To those of you in it or with loved ones in the midst I can only send my thoughts and hope.

Monday, March 7, 2011

guess what I did today....

So yep it was a busy day and my hands are tired from 5 hours of cutting black spots (4 per button) for 20 buttons. The end result I am so happy with and I hope my customer will be as pleased! I still need to buff/sand but I'm almost done. Here's a peek (in case you haven't become a fan on my page yet)......
They are cooling now and I am going to take advantage and spend time with my son.
au revoir

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

catching up

So today the items finally went out in the mail to my OWOH winners. Sorry about that delay but I have been miserable with some freakish cold that teamed up with my sore back and kicked my arse on Thursday night and is just beginning to let me feel slightly human today, though I still can't breath through my nose, lol. I hope everyone will be pleased and t o those who got the glow in the dark (either beads or light switch plate) all you need to do to charge them is expose 'em to sunlight or just room light will work.
I wrote one exam on Thursday morning and will be looking forward to another by June. The fun never stops :-) So I really want to nap like a kitty in the sun for just a few minutes and I will be leaving you now to go soak in some sunshine and rest my eyes. That truly is the perk of being a long as you get your work done you can pretend to be a kitty for brief moments, lol.
au revoir