Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello, Hello!
I am alive and fairly recovered from my concussion though the dizziness and pain kicks in still I am so much better. I hope the new year has found you all well and surrounded with many blessings, and for those celebrating the Chinese new year on Monday as well!
So I was called out by a friend a few weeks ago about how I haven't been consistently producing for my online shop. It wasn't a big surprise, I have been resting on my laurels. Sure I've had private orders but honestly how do I expect to attract new and keep my current fans/customers interested with irregular stock times, slim to no blogging, and really no reasons for revisits. Perhaps because I make OOAK items and I have been attempting to nail down a direction and a voice and I compare myself to people I am in awe of who either have large production facilities or work in different fields than I that it feels worse than it is. I have to remember I've had 3 offers from large companies so my stuff really can't be all that bad. I will write it off as a combo of bad time management/new year blues/and perfectionism and shake it off to go on to bigger and better things.
In other notes I am looking forward to the former OWOH event now called OWOA and is looking to be held in March. I am hoping in the next month to sort out shops ( , , & ), I don't expect my WednesdayWitch etsy shop to see much if any activity yet. I love etsy but the fees .... well not so much. I do agree that their search is easier than Zibbet but not so much that I think it's above and beyond and not worth giving a fair go.
So I'll be seeing you again soon. Stay well!

au revoir