Monday, July 22, 2013

new arrivals

Last week there were new arrivals at my storenvy shop and today the robots are starting to arrive!

Aside from recovering from the back injury flare up I've renamed my gaming clan to something I think suits us so well .... Great Geekwads (yes I'm an avid video gamer, XBL: FireflyRaine PSN:loreleybee). We're on a few PC and iOS games as well but our main platform is Xbox. And yes we are on twitter, facebook and google+.

I've also been tending to the garden and the veggies & fruits I've added this year (though I think the romaine has gotten away from me LOL). It's a challenge to do much of anything whwn the injury flares but I'm muddling through trying to switch back to normal daytime hours from my vampire ones on top of it all.

Anyways, just wanted to drop in and say hellllloooooo I'm alive. Come have a peek at the new stuff and like/+1/follow on the various media.

au revoir