Tuesday, January 5, 2016


So my lovelies let me catch up with you. I did create Magpie Muddles but like Bon Bon Betties and Betwixt Baubles, there's been no new movement. My attention has been taken by the Klutzy Gamer along with the holidays that have just finished and creating a web hub home where I can chatter about all my projects at once called Raine of Iris. (Here are the links and it also can be found on Bloglovin'. Twitter http://www.twitter.com/raineofiris . Instagram http://www.instagram.com/raineofiris . Blog at Wordpress http://raineofiris.wordpress.com . The Facebook page is not officially named yet though it can be found at http://www.facebook.com/RaineofIris-1024189997603823/ not sure why it's not letting me name it yet but fingers crossed it'll happen soon.) 
I won't be closing this blog but likely posting will be in decline unless it's very specific so, look for your posts on http://raineofiris.wordpress.com or through Bloglovin'.
au revoir