Thursday, October 15, 2009

Long weekend

It was a long weekend for me this past one for more reasons than the obvious holiday (Thanksgiving here in Canada). In getting the table leaf pulled out and vacuuming to get ready I managed to cut my head open on the corner of the table. In prepping and being short and reaching up into I think the cupboard for my heavy glass platter...I pulled something in my shoulder/neck and between the two I have been in pain for the past few days. My head is doing well and I expect the pain in my neck/shoulder will be better within the next few days but between them I haven't gotten anything new done. Ug! Cross your fingers mobility returns soon as my artfire is getting google/search hits and I really need to get more in the shop.
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  1. O, I feel your pain... I pulled my neck the other day and hit hurt for 3 days straight.


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