Tuesday, July 20, 2010

shops and stuff

Hiya! Shops are up and running though etsy is stumbling and over itself and not showing listings so I am not happy about that.
I have been doing some thinking and decided that it's become too much to create for 3 shops and deal with their individual quirks so, I am going to make http://MsNovemberTuesday.artfire.com/ my main online shop. I'm going to keep http://msnovembertuesday.etsy.com/ and http://wednesdaywitch.artfire.com/ but I am going to be listing and focusing on my http://msnovembertuesday.artfire.com/ as my main (and essentially only) online shop. If you've followed me beginning on etsy, I hope you'll make the transition to my artfire shop!
I of course am still on twitter as msnovtues, tumblr as msnovembertuesday and here of course.
peace, blessings & furry kisses

p.s. I'm having a back from siesta sale in my artfire shop. Everything is marked down 10%!!!

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