Tuesday, January 11, 2011

guess who?

Darn it...yep, it's just me.
So my etsy shop is down right now. I had been working on new workroom space/setup in hopes of making my creations a wee bit easier but that has hit a speed bump. I am currently waiting to hear back on a custom design that I've been working on. So far it's just at the here's what I want and I've just finished the sample and submitted pricing. I am so hoping it will come through! I'll keep you posted and if you're curious there's a few pix in my picasa somewhere of it.
Beyond that, I am at the design phase for a new OOAK item. It's just starting where I'm going to get my hands dirty so I'll share that ASAP though I will tell you it's something for your neck, lol.
In sad news last Monday my dear furry girl Sam was walking out from the kitchen and all of a sudden her back legs just stopped working. She didn't get better. Tuesday morning I took her to the vets and after some tests they found she had a tumor that had pressed against her spine and it wasn't going to get better so I had to make the hardest decision ever to have her put down. It has been a week today and I am lost without her. She was at my side for almost every moment over this last 5 years and she is missed beyond words. She was just over 5 years old and just too young for something like this! I am glad to know she didn't suffer long though I'd never have believed I'd be without her so soon.
Ok I need to try and sleep.
Go hug your furries and give them kisses for me.
As always....
peace, blessings and furry kisses

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