Tuesday, April 19, 2011

confessions & craptasticness

So I have a confession to make.... I've still been buying my polymer clay and a lot of my extras at retail and mainly at Michaels. I know, I know there are many other options and after tonight's little fiasco I am going to be looking into them. I go in as I need matte and gloss acrylic paint sealer and a wee bit more clay. I discover a container for my newest set of runes and a Buddha charm on sale and head to the checkout. Now to preface this I have been overcharged or mischarged the last 2 times I've been in this particular location and NOT noticed it until I got home. So tonight over comes this chick with bunny ears to her cash. She serves the lady in front of me and then says to me next. Ok I go up and she scans in my stuff and I see the container is $1.29 when it was supposed to be 99¢ and ok won't sweat that. But I do notice the Buddha charm is $4.99 NOT the $2.69 on the tag and I nicely say "um, the Buddha charm was on sale". "What?" she replies to me snottily. I explain the charm and she whips around the register screen and digs with a huff through the bag. She then finds it and eyes me over up and down then the tag which apparently was a second sales tag like I'd actually switch tags. I'm thinking well fuck you but I'm not going to be rude. She grabs the supervisor as she's passing to void, sweet as sugar to her. Then as she walks away to the other cash to do a void there my salesgirl looks at me like I've got shit on my face and proceed to ring everything in again with the register screen STILL facing away from me. As she waits for the debit to process she notices the supervisors signature and says across to her sweet as fricking sugar again how cute her signature is and then as my receipt processes turns back to me with a sour look tosses the receipt at me. Um, excuse me I felt like saying do you know how lucky you are to have a fricking job?! How dare you be rude to a customer who did nothing to you to deserve it. I wanted to tell her to return it all and go fuck herself but as I needed it all swallowed it and set it aside. After this we go to the drive through, and it's a freaking really windy night and it's rain mixed with hail and snow and what do you think....the girl in the window is SO freaking nice and she's basically in the elements and getting cold and wet when the window opens. What excuse does the bitch inside pretending to stock shelves have to be such a freaking troll?! Not amused am I. And I will be looking into alternatives for purchasing materials. I don't believe you need to kiss a customer ass but I do believe in common courtesy.
So sorry to unload that on you all but I am tired of busting my hump to give good customer service, being accountable to my potential / actual customers and have to deal with fools who hardly do anything and feel like the world owes them everything for nothing. Customers are important to a business folks.
Ok well next time I will be coming to share new items! Oh, and don't let me forget to mention the wonderful customer service I got at Home Depot tonight... this guy was on the ball and knew what he was talking about. I guess excellent service at 2 out of 3 wasn't all that bad right.
au revoir

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  1. We all have to get on our soap box at times - so let it go and hang in there!


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