Monday, April 22, 2013

Hello and happy earth day

Well hiya! And I hope you're having a wonderful Earth Day. The sky s sunny here though cool but a lovely day none the less. So, where to begin.....

First off let me apologize for the delay in launch of the new collection. I had intended to do it last week but with the merging of WednesdayWitch into MsNovemberTuesday and my new network over on Facebook at Gaia's Marketplace & Pagan Bazaar it got left on the back burner. I think the timing ended up being perfect when it occurred to me what today is (Earth Day and the Lyrids meteor shower) for the collection theme!

So are you curious? How does a little space feel? How about a lot? I hope you like it because MsNovemberTuesday is going into outer space. I was inspired by the cold and clear winter night sky and ok maybe my love of a few space themed shows and movies from growing up. And the launch will begin with some special paintings, reverse painting done on glass to be exact. (May I tell you they were a bear to photograph but I so adore them I hope you all will be willing to forgive my amateur glass photographing skills.) These will be dropping into my storenvy shop this week as well as the beginnings of the new jewelry pieces to go with the collection.

So scurrying off I go to explore space and see where it leads........

au revoir

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