Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Dear followers, fans and friends I have a confession to make. 
Because I primarily work in one-of-a-kind items there is an expected delay between releases. I however have let distractions make those production delays longer than they should be and for that I am sorry. It's a fierce fight between running a house, business, creating and producing items as well as caring for my kid and dogs never mind the video game clan and it's seperate demands! I have a lot on my plate and my schedule has been all over and it leaves me longing to share new items with you all and I promise to work on that because creating these items for you is a great joy I don't wish to stop sharing.
With that being said, there will be holiday ornaments up for sale tomorrow. Check in on the twitter feed for the locations .

I hope November has been treating you well!

au revoir

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