Friday, December 6, 2013

In the works

So gang next week I'm planning on testing out new backgrounds for photographing my pieces. Yes, yes we've been here before. I've never gotten the right balance of light and well I hope to have found it by the end of next week. Sadly it will mean hours of redoing all the item photos but I think this is so very important to presenting myself and my creations as well as I can. 

In other news, there are quite a few new pieces in the works! Earrings, a pendant and a new rune set just waiting for its storage case. There are so many other pieces waiting to be started as well! It's a very exciting time here in my quirky world :D

I've also opened aLinkedIn profile. A well known polymer clay friend of mine sent me the request and hey, why not. I'm also considering another site but I'm not sure if they're a good fit for me aside from he fact I've so many shops of my own to stock. I did also submit my work to a gallery that I won't name but I'm so hoping!!!!!

All right gang, though I'm sure there was something else I wanted to tell you, I've gotta get a move on and leave you for now. Be kind to each other.

au revoir 

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