Wednesday, February 12, 2014

oy....the confusion or how did I get here

Tasks not to be attempted without coffee! (Okay with as little coffee as I've had.)

I'm looking at my and frankly, it's a mess. I love the diversity of items I come up with but I'm feeling like it's killing the brand. My heart doesn't want to have to choose and frankly I don't want to lock out a source of income. It's 6 of one and half a dozen of the other as far as how to handle it and I've not had nearly enough coffee to sort this one out. It's nice to have the jumble because someone might come in looking for one thing and find something totally unexpected but it could also be off-putting to others wondering what the heck they've stumbled into, and why should they take the higher end items seriously.

Do I separate things into different shops (ie: msnovembertuesday on storenvy is quirky, msnovembertuesday on zibbet is elegant, msnovembertuesday on etsy is witchy, and etc..). Or do I come up with different shop names for the different categories (ie: msnovembertuesday, and then 2 new names).

I'm left debating things as I type this.

au revoir


p.s. I promise to update you :)

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