Friday, April 4, 2014


So as you might have noticed dear followers, there are big changes. There are more on the way!

I've decided to revamp and relaunch as Betwixt Baubles and delete MsNovemberTuesday. It was prompted by a friend who said "you know it's funny that I don't see you in the search engines and when I do it's associated with someone I know isn't you". I called them out on it as I've never had an issue finding my creations by searching any search engine and proceeded to prove them wrong. It was me who was mistaken. Long story short, its been a long afternoon that's ended up here in the wee hours of the morning with the transition well on its way. All traces of MsNovemberTuesday will soon disappear, as far as it's related to me and my creations. It's required a new Google profile and page and who knows what else by the time it's done.
Please use the links at the right side of the blog for the current and updated sites and shops. I'll change them as I update everything. I'm sorry for any confusion and grateful to have the company as I embark on this journey.

au revoir



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