Friday, March 6, 2015

To do....

If you've been keeping up with me IRL you know I've been busy doing and not chattering too much about it. It's not that I wanted you guys to be left out of it but, I find if I don't do things when the mood strikes I tend to procrastinate. 

So what's been going on? Well, new graphics for Bon Bon Betties. My dog cookie hobby has a Twitter (mmmmutterings) LOL. And I created an Facebook, Google+, IG and Twitter for my gaming life (theKlutzyGamer). Did the graphics for Glutzy Gamer for those spots as well as twitch and YouTube and new graphics for my gaming clan (Great Geekwads) and one of my clan mates graphics as well.  There was also 3 tea swaps and a sock swap as well as a challenge or two, with IGGPPC which was great fun. I know I'm forgetting stuff but those are the major highlights. So, you can see I keep myself maybe a little too busy sometimes LOL.

Today I'll be back here in a bit to touch up a few things once I make it to the laptop LOL. I'll also be back on Dying Light on XboxOne later. And that's not counting some more OOAK, I'm gonna get my arse moving.

au revoir

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