Wednesday, November 18, 2009

creations and catastrophies!

I am almost done my ornaments for this years Clayamies swap. They were a "hey that seems like a great idea" thing that I'd never done and though they didn't turn out like I thought I think they're pretty cute. Can't share a pix yet as they're top secret until all parcels have been exchanged.
On the other side of things.... I have my latest (and hopefully last) addition to my proof of being a total klutz. Last week while walking my son to school I tripped and busted up my left wrist and right knee really quite horridly bad. Should have done a trip to the ER but nothing seemed too bad until a few days later and by then I thought "hey things are all ready healing and seeing that I made it through a badly busted ankle a few years ago without the ER, let's give it a go with this experience". So here I sit waiting for my MRI appointment (for a totally unrelated back thing) on Saturday and I'm almost betting if they get a glimpse of any of my above mentioned parts I might be getting a wee longer visit with them then I'd planned.
So folks, back to the ice packs. See you soon!

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