Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hiya all!
If you've been reading here or the updates on my fanpage, you know I've been starting on some new creations. Thing is it's frustrating to be doing this when there's been no sales in any of my online shops. No matter what else is going on, I'd like to see some movement in my online locations! I know it could be over saturation, not enough choices, or whatever it is that is motivating people to not find or shop. I know times are tight, trust me that one I get better than most. I just figured there might be room for some treats and that the way I'm taking things was a good thing. It's a crisis of confidence I guess. I just get curious as to why some of the things that sell do and why not mine. I've been told pix but I've redone them soooooooo many times. Pricing maybe, but I've got to account for time in my cost and these are labour intensive. Quality....um, these use real sterling and each piece is OOAK. And then I go back to the "is it just not my niche" question again. UG!!!!!!
Okay, enough about that! I just have a feeling that before next week is done I'll have sorted it all out and be more than fine with it all. Not sure how or why right now but..... fingers crossed.

So, time for me to sneak in a wee bit more coffee before I meet up with my son after his first day back at school.
As always,
peace, blessings & furry kises

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