Thursday, September 2, 2010

so yeah....

Just popping in to let you know I'm still alive. I have just gotten caught up on most of my online stuff, had to ditch the original drive that caused my computer to crash after all that because it was still not working right and am watching John Mayer on ustream as I type this. Phew! So I am sorting out ideas for what's going to come next in my shops. Finally I think time will be on my side for it. Next week will be the real refocus on works of all kinds including the continuing refurb on my house (little by little I will get it done), my school work (yep still courses to go) and of course my artsy stuff I create. Hang in there as I get my feet back under me and get things really rolling again. Check in on my tumblr or facebook as I'm in there a little too much, lol. 'Til later....
as always
peace, blessings & furry kisses

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