Friday, March 19, 2010

thinking, thinking

I am ready to list the necklace but I am unsure of which shop it will go in. I had great hopes for my artfire shop but there have been no sales even with the fan page promotion and it's many fun ways to be found. My esty shop doesn't seem to get the traffic the artfire shop does but it's the one that makes the sales. I have to take care of this just because I don't mind having the 2 shops but I would hate to waste my time listing when it's not going to get enough opportunity to be seen and then bought. I am of 2 minds about this one folks! Geeeee, what else is new I hear you chiming in from the corner. lololol's, and yet not so lololol's. I'm so anxious to get things moving in the right direction I'm stalled at the crossroads in the attempt to make the 'right' decision!

Either way I guess within the next couple of days expect to see something new going on in one or most likely both of the MsNovemberTuesdsay shops. But for now.... here's a peeeeeek...
As always..
peace, blessings & furry kisses


  1. Thanks for joining my site. I just read your posts about your accident - horrible. I never had one that bad, but they still really shake you up. After my last one (ran a red light and rammed a huge van) my minister told me when he got in an accident he had to go to bed for three days. I very much appreciated that.

  2. Your blog is lovely and it reminds me very much of my very favourite aunt who is a dear kindred spirit to me. Thank you for dropping in to say hello!


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