Monday, March 8, 2010

here is the car

Like the title is the car. I went today to see if my brushes were in there somewhere but, nope. They must have flown out at some point. I didn't really think it was actually this bad but apparently, I was wrong. It doesn't look like much until you look and see the crumpling. You can't see the 3 large soda pop from Taco Bell that I was holding that flew into the dash and well, the electrical or the 2 front seats that are bent. I am still sore and my previous back injury is beginning to cramp up (for lack of a better description) so we'll see what happens as far as mobility.

What's been cheesing me off are the people who say they're my friends who even with facebook, twitter and status messages on my IM/msn that haven't even bothered to say "gee, glad you're ok". There are 3 people who I'm blown away by the fact they either didn't care or didn't notice (which I think is almost impossible but hey, ok maybe). I know people are busy but.... in all of those options....nothing?! Or even better the one who I said specifically to that go to my blog as I don't really felt up to talking about it and then they still asked "what accident when what are you talking about". I wanted to say "fuck please go buy a clue" but, I didn't. Like if you cared why no wondering where have you been, why aren't you online, it's not like they don't have my phone number or can't see my status message on my IM. Whatever!
Ok so, I'm well enough to bitch and moan so I guess that is a good thing. Tomorrow or Wednesday I am setting a goal to begin at least some work even if it isn't a long time or a lot of it, just something to begin getting in the groove again.
As always....
peace, blessings and furry kisses

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  1. Just to complete the story.....
    He did get some cash twords a 'new' car. It was not nearly enough to compensate for the fact the old one was running fine and was paid off but he now has a car again (with payments, ug). Thanks everyone for your notes!


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