Friday, March 5, 2010

accidentally yours....

Ok so I will try to fill you in as best I remember. For those of you who weren't on my fan page / facebook friend / twitter .... we were in a car accident around 5 pm yesterday.
We (my son and I and sons dad who was driving as I don't drive) picked our son up at school to go to Walmart on Rymal near Centennial so we could get some stuff in. Nothing exciting just stuff like toilet paper, cleaning stuff cat litter and food and a really cool crinkle tunnel for him, and I snuck in 2 really pretty nail polishes and a super kabuki brush among the $212 worth of stuff that went into the trunk. We stopped at the Game Spot near by and son got a game while I got the birds cuttle bones at the pet store since Wally World didn't have any. We decided we're all hungry and after some debate decided on Taco Bell up by Rymal and Upper James. Did the drive through and his cup holders were full so I held the tray of drinks and we were off back here headed down Upper James to swing East home on Mohawk. Well, we never made it. Just past Harveys on Upper James just North of Stone Church we were I think the third car behind a bus. A bus that had stopped and was (thankfully) just starting to go again so that we didn't end up a complete accordion or take out the car in front of us. We were slowed, almost stopped because of this when I heard his dad say 'he's not going to stop'. I thought WTF and before I could process the thought we were flying, the back windshield blew in and we were basically fucked. A guy driving a GMC pick up truck slammed into us from behind. (His dad told me later when we got here he saw him in the rear view mirror when he was about 3 cars back in the left lane and he switched lanes cause ours had been moving faster before the bus stopped but this guy never slowed down.) I really had no idea what was going on. My glasses flew, my son found them later on the drivers side not that they were much use to me coated in the pop I'd been holding never mind all the other stuff. I ended up cursing at the guy from my seat, calling 911 and both my son and I (all of us wearing seat belts) ended up restrained on backboards and going to separate hospitals. I was freaked about how injured was my son, though I knew my sons dad was with him. I was pissed at the money wasted. And I was pissed I hadn't had Taco Bell in sooooooo long and was this close to being home eating it and painting my nails one of those new colours! My son got released before I did. I had MANY xrays and got sprung around 9. Long story short we are all sore, nothing is broken but the car is fucked. Dealing with finding just where the car went and what we need to do now and all the insurance stuff.
I'm going to be slow or stopped at working on new pieces while I heal up a bit. Thanks for your patience.
As always, peace, blessings and furry kisses.
And please remember to be grateful for every second, life really is too short!

p.s. neck braces are not fun and I can prove it.....
Not my best picture I know but at least I'm not going to show you the heart monitor stickers on my hairy legs or the other places they were.

p.p.s I forgot to say THANKS to the fire, police, ambulance, er staff and 911 for their help.

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