Friday, May 14, 2010

hello, hello

I dropped in here earlier today but google was having difficulties so I couldn't say hello or get to my emails. Oh well, it is running now so hello, hello, here I am!
Will I post that blog entry I mentioned? I'm leaning towards nope. It's just not worth the drama or the energy. Am I going to get back up on the creating saddle....yep. Will I share it with you....yep! Will it be soon....yep. Do I enjoy creating and sharing my randomness here with y'all more than the funk I've been in....most definitely yes. Will I be changing my id from MsNovemberTuesday to well the other one I've been trying on in my head....nope, I think I've worked too hard on bringing that id into existence and embracing it into my life even if the original inspiration for it has wained slightly in my affections I still identify with it and it still feels right to me. Thanks for hanging out while I did the self doubt journey!
For now I wish you a happy weekend (to those celebrating, lol) and as always...
peace, blessings & furry kisses

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