Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was here Friday, wrote a blog but didn't post it. I still might. I just need to figure out if I've said all I needed to in it, or if .... well it's a toss-up for me. You'll see when (and I probably will) I post it. Short version of it is I'm waaaaayyyy too old for dealing with shit like it and I'm much too young to be feeling the way I do.
So enough about me.... how've you been?
Today was the first time me son stayed at home alone! Ok he had my big dog and the rest of the zoo but no adult supervision. Both neighbours were home so I knew if anything happened somebody was close and my parents aren't far away either but....!! He just didn't want to go out to run the few errands and asked to stay home for the 30 min it would take. I know I've got an alarm and I know I was babysitting at his age but people this is my baby!!!! You know what comes next don't you?! Dating, driving and leaving home for university!!!!! Ok he's almost 12 I've got a year or two yet, lol. It's just that it wasn't all that long ago it was me asking to stay I really old enough to have a tween?!
Well, all right then, I'm roaming on to attempt to sneak in another book before bedtime.
peace, blessings and furry kisses

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