Thursday, January 7, 2010

me again

Hey, sorry I missed ya for a couple of days. I really did attempt too much on Monday with the loading and posting and such, lol. I have been distracted with some snow and walking or playing with my doggies as well as still trying to decide on a good prize for the OWOH event. I have set a deadline of the 15th to decide and hopefully have it made or at the very least to let people know and then fabricate it. Still somewhere inside me is the procrastinator I try so hard to kick out... ok maybe not so hard since I do procrastinate, lol.
I am also in a wee kafumble about a blog feature on my (now upgraded) artfire account. Do I post there as well? I have 5 blogs right now and adding a sixth .... um just not sure how practical that's going to work out to be. I am thinking streamlined is my goal for this year. It's quite draining to be all over the place and not feel like you've accomplished anything. Perhaps I'll redirect from a few or do a monthly or biweekly update. Not sure yet. Eh, what else is new with me!
So that's where I am other than the whole supper ideas and how since I forgot to take out the chicken I can't do the yummy creamy chicken thing tonight. Um, yeah, maybe I'll go now before I begin to scare the wee children with my rambling.
Be nice to each other!
peace, blessings & furry kisses

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