Monday, January 4, 2010!

Far too little sleep last night but I was up and back into the routine of getting my son up and off to school again! 7a.m. comes way too early after having 2 weeks of staying up 'til 2a.m. and getting up around noon!
So in spite of this or maybe because I am sleep deprived ... lol... I have created a new charm today. I actually made the prototype last night for my shih tzu then made one to sell and another one for her since the colours didn't turn out quite as I'd wanted them to. I'm now in the process of trying to decide if etsy or artfire will be my main shop. I'd probably keep both just list much more on one making it my main shop. Thing is I'm having trouble deciding which is better value for me! I like a whole lot of the features of artfire but would need to invest on a monthly basis to get the whole bunch of goodies available and list the amount of items I'd want. I like etsy because I know it (lol) but am wishing it had a few more features and not liking the per item cost of listing and selling. They're both really good though artfire I think has the marketing edge but I still don't know. Any of my readers sell on either or both or know someone who does 'cause I'd love opinions on what you found worked best.
I am still thinking about what to offer as the prize for the one heart one world blog event. I have ideas but I want to be sure it is something that anyone could make use of or at least not be embarrassed to give someone else, lol.
So chasing my own tail around again!
'K well I should be off so I can attempt to get something done before I have to go get my son from school. All in all a pretty productive Monday so far. How's your day been?
Back soon.
peace & blessings

p.s. I'm also thinking of a 'cyber monday' promo. Here, on LJ, in my shop(s) or maybe all. I'll let you know when I figure out the details.

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