Friday, January 29, 2010

hello all

Day 5 of the OWOH event. Nope, I didn't forget about you. I got a little distracted in visiting the wonderful blogs out there, and may I say amazing bunch of people you all are!!! I also had a morning appointment that turned into a project that turned into a few injuries. Yes, more injuries! Yes, I am a wee bit klutzy, but I warned you! So, the latest wounds, lol, involved ripping up the carpet on my landing by my side door. Which led to ripping up the under padding & tack strips which led to a strip bouncing back and piercing my thumbnail through into my finger. Fun, never did that one before. Then 1 layer of sheet vinyl and 1 layer of linoleum tiles to arrive at a plywood over the original floor. I stopped there as it is sound enough and while I was prying up the linoleum tile squares I knelt on the pry bar / carpet removal thingy, on the right knee that's just healing from my fall 2 months ago. So then I began cutting tiles. Big cuts, no problem! Little cuts using nippers resulted in 1 small puncture wound as it flew back. And on an unrelated but got distracted a cut from the edge of metal tape as I was covering the seam on a piece of my ducting I was standing by cutting the tile and noticed it was gaped a little. Phew!!!! And aside from the aches of my back, wrist and other are pretty good. Now to wait for that to set and a few things to heal up a bit, then grout.
Next week look for the shops to finally get a wee rearrange and new additions soon after.
I need to go rest now so...
Play nice with each other!
peace, blessings & furry kisses
Thanks all for the wonderful comments and for stopping in to say hello!

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