Thursday, February 25, 2010

popping in

Ok, ok, for those of you reading yesterdays blog, yes there was a pun, and yes it was intended. I was just seeing if anybody would call me out on it or not but a friend of mine said I'd better go correct myself lest anyone out there in the wide web think less of me. LOLOLOL's If you're still coming back to read, you know what you're in for by now!
We're supposed to be in the midst of a HUGE storm now but as of yet it hasn't materialized so let's just keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't just turn up late. Though I'd really like a snow day tomorrow and not have to get up to take my son to school, I'd like much more to not have to deal with snow.
I do have some pictures to share with you but I'm not on the desktop where I left them so you'll wait, I hope. Nothing too exciting just another look at a bit more of the components that are going to be going into the OOAK. I'm not so pleased with one set of "pearls" I made today but I'm sure they'll come in handy for another project. Otherwise I am pleased about it all just the usual agony about will it turn out as good as it appears in my mind. Guess we'll all have to wait and see on that one.
Um, well.... let's see what else. Not much really. I've been doing a little writing and no as usual it's nothing to share yet. (Please refer to the Family Guy / Brian and Stewie bit about Brians novel to finish the gag yourself.) I love to write and like most things I do I'm never sure if I do it well enough to share. Though seeing I've had exhibitions and been published, perhaps it's time to give up the whole run myself down routine for something a little less destructive to the soul. But habits are hard to break especially the bad ones!
I'm cold but I've got a few more spoonfuls of ice cream and it's melted to just how I like it so...... I'm taking off for now.
peace, blessings & furry kisses

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