Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So I just wanted to pop in and just let you all know there may be a postal strike here in Canada tomorrow. If this should happen I am not sure of what delays or disruptions to shipping there might be. I will keep you updated and post notices in my shops if need be. I will consider using a courier company which would be increased cost but guaranteed but I won't make any decisions until I know if the strike is happening and just what it will affect.
Otherwise I have been in design and create mode with a few new things in my shops. I am slowed down right now with a finger injury but don't expect it to be anything too disrupting. How are you liking my new banners? The fan page is slightly different in layout but I think these are the best yet and like them (if I do say so myself).
For now it's late and I'm off to do some reading. Yet another Andrew Mayne book, who if you haven't checked out on kindle .... well you should.
au revoir

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