Wednesday, June 15, 2011

well folks

I was hoping to not have to make this decision however, Canada Post is now in the process of sealing all mailboxes after locking out their striking staff. What does this mean? Well the short version is that there is now no mail delivery and no mailing anything out. Shorter version.... if you rely on the post you're fucked two ways Tuesday! I guess I'm going to have to shut the shops down. My only other option is private courier which the price point on a lot of my stuff just isn't worth it. Or letting customers know they can buy but I can't mail until this is done and it could be 2 days or 2 months and keeping people waiting is just not acceptable to me so I guess it's vacation time. This sucks! I'll keep you posted (sorry for the pun).
Now I have to go let the shops know.......
Oh and did I mention aside from the mail, Air Canada is on strike and it's looking like my municipal workers are going to be doing the same on Saturday?! Can i fire 'em all and hire people who really need the job?
au revoir

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