Tuesday, February 2, 2010

groundhog day

Like the groundhogs today I am peeking out of my hole to say hello! LOL!!! It's been a busy weekend for me with a gala dinner event that I was a date for. We've gone every year for the past 5 and the organization and execution of service just wasn't there this year. They had a great theme but didn't follow through on it, which was sad. It was a nice table of people (aside form my date who was being an ass). I traditionally go but am wondering if this is the last year of both the friendship and attending. Oh, well.
So, how has the OWOH event been treating you all? I've been amazed by the blogs and their bloggers and I haven't been to visit everyone yet. Feel free to visit my facebook fan page and become a fan if you are amused by myself or my creations as it's just a central hub and a way for me to keep up with y'all faster than a blog.
Otherwise we are waiting to get some snow here. Not much only 2 to 4 cm but it will make things mucky if it does come. We really haven't had anything of a winter here compared to our last 2 which were 20cm+ dumpings of snow on an almost weekly basis so, you won't hear me complain.
Well, I know I'm running off on you again but I've got an invitation from my son to play on the 360 with him so while he's still interested in spending time with me I'll take advantage, lol.
play nice with each other!
peace, blessings and furry kisses

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  1. I wish we would get a little snow! Apparently Vancouver has just experienced it's warmest January on record. Not a good thing with the Olympics about to commence. Yikes.
    Hope you had a fun play date with your son!


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