Thursday, February 11, 2010


I heard today that fashion genius Lee McQueen head of and creator of Alexander McQueen is dead. Very sad. It is supposedly by his own hand. Evan sadder. Being an artistic creative person and knowing so many others involved in artistic creation I'm not surprised at the possibility he committed suicide. I'm not saying all artistic minded people are 'crazy' or suicidal but there is something about the creative process, it's frantic creative period and the often downside as your creations are put out for others to see and comment on.

I remember reading a study once that said how a significant portion of the great masters of art were manic or had some form of psychological disorder. Not surprising. Art in any form (music, painting, whatever) is a process, and a uniquely personal one that begins as a spark in your mind that you transform into something solid and tangible for the world to see and evaluate it's merits. Oh yes most of us say we make what makes us happy and pish-posh to what anybody else thinks. Really?! Somewhere in the back of your mind even the strongest personality has at the very least a fleeting moment of agony over something said about them, their works,or the way it's presented. Even if the reviews don't get you, creating is a wonderful and painful thing all at the same time. It's the franticness of trying to capture that idea, the tension of how do I make it real and the best I can, and then it's the labour and often struggle of the actual production of it and then the elation of it being done. Once that parts done, it's on to how will I get it noticed, have I really done it justice, and what if they don't get it. Success... they do get it, they do like it, how will I keep it authentic and now I'm famous and have no privacy. Failure.... they hate it, they don't want it, how the fuck am I going to survive and do I modify me and my ideas to become a commercial success. It's often up and down like no roller coaster I've ever seen.
R.I.P. Mr McQueen may those of us still on this side of the void be inspired by your courage and vision and not lost in the sorrow of it.
peace, blessings & furry kisses


  1. I read the same study. Yes let's be inspired by the courage/not lost in the sorrow. I'm in treatment can I blame this as to why I'm not a success? ;-)

  2. Goodness me, let's hope not or we're all in trouble, lol. ;-)


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