Wednesday, February 24, 2010

um, yeah....

So apparently more people read this than I thought. Let me clarify my (what I thought fun) comment about my 14 year old self...... Um, no I don't know him, nor do I ever hope to. It was a light hearted comment made about a person who appears very blonde to my very black hair re: the salt and pepper thing, and though yes I have been a fan of the music for well, way too long to admit, no I do not know him. Nor do I have multiple personalities for that matter was just me being me, saying something I didn't think a big deal (and still don't) being a little fun. I know the fan base can be passionate but holy hell I wasn't expecting a few of the emails I got. So to appease the few, let me alter (no pun intended) my statement to ..... the 37 year old I am, says I'd gladly take photography, determination or makeup tips from you Mr Rhodes. Oh shit maybe I shouldn't have said the makeup one....oh well we'll see what I find in my inbox from that one, lol.
So now that is done, I am off to work much more on what I started yesterday. And it appears it will be a few more as well for the whole idea I have to be done as I envision it. Oh well back to the salt mines and dodging the pitchforks!
peace, blessings and furry kisses

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